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  • ... maybe even the most important thing, is the team behind it... really customer focused. Trust me when I say that they really listen to you and work hard and quick to solve your problems and answer your questions. You will never be left hanging. A really amazing team like I have never seen for many years to date. They care about the community and the customers and they want and are developing this tool to give you the best experience and chances to be profitable trading while saving you precious time on the workload needed to manage trades.
  • This [HyperTrader] is trading on steroids, being able to trade from the charts directly is brutal [game-changer]. I need help, I get help. I feel today is my lucky day because I found the best trading terminal.
  • Man-o-man what an application it is, use as many indicators as you want without limits. Awesome UI, love the dark theme, and top-notch consumer support…

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