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Not Your Granny’s Trading Terminal

We reimagined the whole trading experience from the ground up to make you sharp at what you do. We specifically designed it for those of you who want the finest.

HyperTrader is stunning. Blazingly fast. And comes with advanced features that make you feel like a HyperTrader. Aggregated portfolio views, Advance charting, Visual trading, Smart orders, Ladder orders, and Post-trade analytics. To name but a few.

HyperTrader is fast, brilliant, and satisfying — you’ll have superpowers.

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Designed for Quick Trades

Get your day trading superpowers 💪🏼

Lightning Fast Data

Low latency streaming data to keep a close eye on the markets. Account updates are 100% real-time.

Ladder Orders

Place orders in bulk at multiple price levels. Five price scales and three size scales allow effective DCA.


View multiple markets at the same time at different time intervals.

Trade from Charts

Enter orders from the charts. Drag orders to edit. Super effective for quick trades.

Stress Free Automation

Sit back and relax. Let HyperTrader handle it for you.

Manage Risks with Smart Orders

We will take the stress out of monitoring your open position. Set your take-profit and stop-loss while opening new positions.

No need to stare at the chart all day. Set and forget. We keep you informed with real-time, meaningful email notifications.

Bots are coming!

We are finalizing DCA, Grid, and Accumulator bots for a public beta soon.

We are already collecting interests for early access. Simply go to the marketplace inside the terminal and say – “I am interested”.

We strive to bring the most reliable, real-time, scalable automation platform for everyone.

Manage Clients with Ease

🪄 A magic wand for asset managers

Organize Your Portfolio Smarter

Copy to Multiple Accounts

With HyperCopy, sold separately through our marketplace, you can manage multiple accounts with one click.

Every action on the primary account is copied in real-time to multiple secondary accounts. Asset managers love this new feature to manage many clients’ accounts.

HyperCopy works with spot and derivative exchanges. You can also copy smart orders.

Unlimited Accounts

Track accounts  & sub-accounts across exchanges.


Connect to multiple spot and derivative exchanges.

Trade Analytics

Analyze your historical trades to see which strategy worked.