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Trade Faster, Smarter, and Better.

Thousands of traders use HyperTrader to maximize their profits.

Supported Exchanges

Supported Exchanges on HyperTrader

Why HyperTrader

Execute Trades Faster Than Ever

Trade Faster

Speed & Efficiency Is Our Top Priority

Our blazing fast native application will move as quick as you do. Execute trades 5x faster on our platform. We’re obsessed about performance and building intuitive layouts that optimize your workflows.

Organize Smarter

Track All Your Portfolios With Unlimited Accounts

We understand the importance of portfolio management for a trader, and we respect that. HyperTrader allows you to track your portfolio intuitively, using minimal effort and time.

Organize Your Portfolio Smarter
Analyze Markets Better

Analyze Better

Make Smarter Decisions In Less Time

Studying the market is key to success when it comes to crypto trading. That’s why HyperTrader gives you access to state-of-the-art tools to analyze both the current and previous conditions of the market.