Announcement: Now Trade on FTX Derivatives with HyperTrader

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We, at HyperLinq, are delighted to announce the onboarding of FTX Derivatives as our newest crypto exchange to support trading on our native desktop app, HyperTrader. Thus enabling FTX Derivatives traders to supercharge their crypto trading and experience reduced latency and improved reliability using the HyperTrader app. 

Starting today, all FTX Derivatives users will be able to trade seamlessly with HyperTrader.

About HyperTrader

HyperTrader is is a modern trading platform where traders can organize smarter, analyze better, and trade faster. HyperTrader is available as a native desktop app for Windows, macOS, and Linux. With features such as ladder orders, visual trading, built-in breakeven, and price indicators, HyperTrader helps traders work more efficiently by creating a simple yet powerful and fast trading terminal that connects to multiple exchanges.

It is an ideal tool for all traders across the spectrum, from beginners to experts to supercharge their trading and maximize their profits. HyperTrader allows you to trade on steroids with the reliability of order execution along with a meteoric speed and efficiency. 

About FTX

Backed by Alameda Research, FTX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange offering more than 100 trading pairs in their spot market. With the spot market, the platform enables traders to buy or sell various cryptocurrencies using traditional book orders with market-matching techniques. FTX is known for offering a beginner-friendly trading platform with low fees and tight spread backed by their deep books and high liquidity.

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