Are the bots taking over the support for HyperTrader?

by | Sep 3, 2020

Customer support has always been pivotal to our business. You love personal interactions and the quick support we give you. There can’t be a 100% replacement for conversations directly with one of our team members – not at least for now.

As we grow, it is hard for us to keep up with all the conversations going around – some essential ones, and some not so much. Some of these conversations tend to slow down our response time, and users who need critical support do not get it as quickly as we wish they could. 

Our mean response time is 12 minutes, as of the posting of this blog. Response time can be improved further to enhance our users’ support experience. The question is, can we respond under a minute?

I challenged the team, and we came up with a proposal which, of course, everyone hates – bots!

Why bots?

Let us take a set of real questions from two real users:

“I am not able to log-in.”

“How does your breakeven feature work?”

Which one of these should take priority? Of course, for these two individual users, both questions are urgent.

A bigger question is, which of these two questions need human attention?

If a user can’t log-in, we need to help them immediately. But to know more about the breakeven feature, we do have a detailed guide. Bots can serve those general questions very efficiently – more efficiently than one of our team members could.

We understand that this change could be challenging because you are used to interacting with our team members directly. Changes are always tricky yet necessary sometimes. Thus, we are launching support bots to help our team become efficient; however, we closely monitor them and fine-tune them. We will jump into conversations when we see bots are not doing a good job – that is our promise!

We expect you to keep up with this change while we make our customer support even better. We assure you that you will get the same level of help you have always experienced and expect.

What about multi-lingual support?

Bots currently only serve in English, but we will make them talk in multiple languages as we fine-tune them. HyperLinq now has users in 103 countries, and we support them in more than 50 languages. We will continue to do that as much as possible. Bots will also learn these languages over time and will speak more as humans do. We want to keep your conversations in your language more humane – that is the ultimate goal!

Our ask

Give the bots a chance. They can help you, and when they can’t, we are always there. I am sure you want our small team to deliver new features instead of answering questions that these bots could respond more efficiently.

If you have any questions or want to discuss this topic, we have a Discord Server where HyperTraders hang out.

P.S. All our founders are always hanging around with other HyperTraders in our Discord server. So if you hate bots, we are still there.

Written By Amar Gautam

Amar is the Founder & CEO at HyperLinq. He has an engineering degree in computer science. He is married with two sons and a dog. Loves food, cooking, photography, travel, chess.

Posts on the HyperTrader blog and associated HyperLinq websites are for educational and informational purposes only. These posts should not be taken as financial advice, nor are they meant to be viewed as trading advice. HyperLinq Inc. or the authors take no responsibility for any damages or losses.

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