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It’s been two years since we launched HyperTrader and we’re growing. Thanks to our supportive trading community, we’re proud to serve 14000+ HyperTraders around the globe.

You may wonder why we changed our logo and what was wrong with the earlier one? Well, your curiosity is justified, and here’s what we have to say about our new identity.

Well, we loved our earlier logo. However, we felt that it was very generic. As you can see below, it is easy to lose identity in the vast sea of trading tools available across the fintech spectrum.

Therefore, we decided it’s time to create something special, a unique logo that would help traders identify our product and services better. We are creating a unique identity inspired by the minimalistic bar charts matching to one of our core values – Simplicity.

With this new visual language, our new HyperTrader logo aims to highlight H and T letters in a candle formation establishing a truly unique identity. In the coming days, you’ll see the new HyperTrader logo aligning with all other visuals across our product, social media profiles, and content.

Everything else still stays the same – simple, smart, fast, intuitive, yet powerful. HyperTrader – a faster, smarter, simpler trading terminal. 

Feel free to tell us your thoughts about our new logo. We’re always excited to hear from our community.

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