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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support ARM builds?

We do not support ARM architecture. We can only support x64 for now. Perhaps in the future, we will look into it again.

Does the app work on Windows 11

We have tested the app on Windows 11 and it works absolutely fine. Both Windows 10 and 11 are officially supported. Windows versions earlier than Windows 10 are not officially supported although we have heard from customers that app works on Windows 7.

Do you have a web version of your app?

No, we do not have a web version of our app. We believe the desktop trading experience much superior in terms of low latency for real-time data and faster execution.

Does the app work on Apple M1 chip?

Yes the app works on macOS running on Apple’s new M1 chips. There is no separate build for it. We are working on creating separate build for M1 chips based macs.