Reasons to become a HyperTrader

Trade efficiently with a modern trading platform

Reason#1 to become a HyperTrader


Do you trade on more than one exchange?

How helpful would it be if you could see more than one asset chart at once?

Our unique split-chart feature allows you to look at multiple assets from one or more exchanges at once. With up to four charts displayed at once and fifteen different layouts, you can really make the most of your screen real estate and trade with ease.

Multichart trading allows you to sync Symbol, Interval, Crosshair, Time, and Drawings, meaning that there’s a view for any need you have!

Reason#2 to become a HyperTrader

Quick Tabs

Do you switch between many exchanges while trading?

Wouldn’t it be easier if they were sorted into easy-to-find tabs?

Our Quick Switch tabs let you easily move between exchanges just by clicking the tabs at the top, allowing you to view many exchanges, quick and easy. Speed is key in the market, and between features like this and our Multichart view, it’ll give you the edge you need to trade with peace of mind. 

It’s one of the many features HyperTrader offers that makes trading faster, easier, and more intuitive.

Reason#3 to become a HyperTrader

Visual Trading

How many seconds do you think you waste changing order prices?

How much time do you think you could save trading straight on the charts?

Intuitive and easy, our visual trading feature lets you set your live order prices straight from the charts. Right-click on the charts to create orders and simply drag and drop the order markers where you want to set the price, quick and easy. You can even drag around the order marker to change the price without canceling your order.

With HyperTrader, you can even see your trading history on the charts. Great for visual thinkers and those who want to be quick on the draw.

Reason#4 to become a HyperTrader

Multi Accounts

Do you trade with many accounts on the same exchange?

Picture managing multiple accounts for yourself or your clients all at once.

Not only do we offer ways to connect to multiple exchanges at once, but you can have multiple accounts and sub-accounts on the same exchange.

We’re already working on a copy-trading feature – soon you’ll be able to define one account as your primary account, and all your secondary accounts will copy your primary accounts’ trades. No more extra browser windows open to log-in to different accounts.

Reason#5 to become a HyperTrader

Portfolio Tracker

Do you still keep track of your portfolio with a spreadsheet?

How easy would it be if you had a portfolio that updated automatically?

Managing your crypto portfolio can be incredibly challenging for anyone, beginners and experts alike. With HyperTrader, you can allocate, track, and display your crypto holdings in a single view, both in crypto itself and in whichever fiat currency you prefer. Balances and their fiat equivalents are even updated in real-time, so your portfolio data is always up-to-date and accurate

Say goodbye to time-consuming spreadsheets.

Reason#6 to become a HyperTrader

PnL Analysis

Do you know how much you’ve won or lost while trading?

Imagine having that information to-hand, right where you trade.

With HyperTrader, you can get insights into your trading activities. Our PnL analysis tool allows you to see how much you’ve won, lost, and much more. These are things that usually have to be done seperately in a spreadsheet; but with HyperTrader, it’s all in one place, updated automatically and in real time.

Currently, this tool is only available for Spot exchanges, but we working to include this for derivatives exchanges in the near future.

Reason#7 to become a HyperTrader

Breakeven Indicator

Isn’t accounting for your breakeven point a chore?

How much easier would it be if you had a visual indicator right on the charts?

Don’t lose on trades because you didn’t take into account the fees to buy and sell – our breakeven indicator puts a marker right on the charts so you know where to buy or sell to break even. It even automatically updates based on date range with every trade you make.

This feature is exclusively for Spot exchanges, but we have live PnL markers on Derivatives exchanges as an alternative for those exchanges.

Reason#8 to become a HyperTrader

Ladder Orders

Do still you still buy or sell at one price while markets move constantly?

Imagine being able to average out your oders and get best possible price.

Many people “trade the volatility”, so to speak, by laddering in and out of positions over a range of price levels to turn a profit. Being able to execute more orders more quickly can give anyone an obvious advantage over others trying to take advantage of crypto’s volatile nature.

With HyperTrader, you can easily execute ladder orders, buying and selling within a bracket of prices. You can execute up to twenty orders in one shot at different price levels. Just set a price floor, a price ceiling, and let the laddering begin. 

Reason#9 to become a HyperTrader

Price Alerts

Do you ever wish someone would tell you when the market hits a price?

How great would it be if you could get notified when the market crosses certain thresholds?

With our in-app price alerts, you can set multiple points on the charts and Hypertrader will alert you when the market crosses those thresholds. This can be incredibly useful both for buying and selling, waiting for ideal prices for either without needing to have an eye on the charts at all. We’ve got that covered for you.

These alerts are currently only available in the app, but mobile alerts and server-side alerts are soon to come – along with the ability to automatically trade when those thresholds are crossed.

Reason#10 to become a HyperTrader

Favorites and Hotlists

Ever wish you could get a better birds-eye view of the market?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have list views for both the market on the whole and your favorite trading pairs?

HyperTrader’s hotlist feature allows you to have a broad market overview and lets you scan the markets within relevant parameters. Easy to sort and filter, you can quickly find the coin pair that you need to maximize profits.

Our favorites list is similar, but lets you narrow down your view to just the pairs you want to see, without bogging you down with the extraneous details that a broader overview might have.

Reason#11 to become a HyperTrader


Do you factor in news to your trading strategy?

Do you want all of your relevant news filtered by topics and sorted for you?

Factoring in news along with your technical analysis is very important. Fundamental analysis is almost always a part of the final decision when it comes to buying or selling.

We gather quality, relevant news from trusted sources from all around the world. They’re all categorized based on markets and assets. No more switching between a dozen news websites in another window. It’s all in HyperTrader, ready for you.

Reason#12 to become a HyperTrader

Trading on Steroids

How does it feel when you try to place a market order and markets move before the order is executed?

Would you like a reliable order management system that is quick and easy to use?

We don’t route orders via our server. HyperTrader creates peer-to-peer connectivity between your computer and the exchange server. This reduces latency and improved the reliability of order execution.

Our charts are real-time and we mean it. We execute market orders at least 5 times faster than any other alternatives.

Reason#13 to become a HyperTrader

Customer Support

Have you ever been left hanging with those support guys who never respond to your emails?

Wouldn’t it be better to have no email-based support?

We pride ourselves on the fanatical customer support we offer. We answer to everyone all in real-time with our built-in live chat support in over 50 languages.

Talk to a real human when you need help in those critical moments.

Do you need more reasons to try out?

We have more than enough reason for you to try it out – No credit card required. You can read our product guide for a complete list of features. Check our roadmap for what is coming.