HyperTrader is a modern trading platform where traders can organize smarter, analyze better, and trade faster.

We want to help traders work more efficiently by creating a simple to use yet powerful and fast trading terminal that connects to multiple exchanges.

HyperTrader is available as a native desktop app for Windows, macOS, Linux.

Multi Charts

Split charts are a great way to look at multiple assets from one or the more exchanges at the same time. The split chart may not be for everyone but if you have a large screen, you can make the most of it.

You can have up to 4 splits with 15 different layouts. You have the option to sync Symbol, Interval, Crosshair, Time, and Drawings.

Visual Trading

How cool would it be to drag your live orders right on the charts to be able to edit the price. Well, you can do that right from the chart in HyperTrader.

PnL Analysis

Get insights into your trading activity. Do you know what is your average win size? How about your win rate or how much fee are you paying? Answer these and many such questions with our innovative PnL analysis tool.

Multi Accounts

Not only do we connect to multiple exchanges but you can also add multiple accounts and sub-accounts of the same exchange. We are already working on a feature where you can define one account as your primary and all secondary accounts will copy your primary trades. How easy would it be if you manage so many accounts for yourself or your clients?

Advanced Orders

How about getting a better price by buying at different levels? You can do that easily using our ladder orders. Execute up to 20 orders in one go at different price levels.

We are already working on conditional orders coming soon.

Breakeven Indicator

Don't lose trades because you didn't take into account the fees for buy and the sell. Our auto breakeven indicator puts the marker right on the charts so you know where to sell or buy to breakeven. Take your profits from there. Breakeven automatically updates based on a date range and with every trade you make.

We are adding new features every week.

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