Last updated 17th June 2022


Learn more about what data is collected and how it is processed or shared with any third party, if at all.

Our Promise

All key people are aware of the GDPR and its requirements.

All our employees are trained to handle the personal data of our users in-line with GDPR guidelines.

We collect usage data only if users consent.

We collect diagnostic data only if users consent.

Users can withdraw consent to marketing emails.

Our end-user license agreement is transparent and easy to understand.

We only collect data that is needed to serve our users.

Users can access, edit, request to export, and request to delete personally identifiable data from our servers.

We have appropriate security measures to prevent data from being lost, stolen, or disclosed to unauthorized people.

We have procedures to inform our affected parties within 72 hours of becoming aware of any breach.

All data collected and stored are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Personal information we collect and how we process or share


  • We collect email addresses for authentication and identification purposes.
  • If users give permission, we use the emails for our marketing campaigns.
  • We share the emails with our third-party payment processors and also to the third-party customer support software that is GDPR compliant.
  • Users can update their email from app settings.


  • We collect names for billing and customer support purposes.
  • We share the names with our third-party payment processors and the third-party customer support software that is GDPR compliant.
  • Users can update their names from app settings.
  • If removed or the wrong name is provided, payment may not be processed in some cases, depending on your location, and the subscription may be halted.

Credit Card Information

  • We collect credit card information for subscription billing.
  • We do not hold the credit card information on our servers.
  • We share this directly with our third-party payment processor, which is GDPR compliant.
  • The user can modify this information.

API keys

  • When users add their exchange API keys, we store them on our servers.
  • The keys are encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • These keys are essential to how the app works. Without these keys, the app can’t function as it won’t be able to connect to a user’s exchange account.
  • Users can update or delete this data at any time.
  • We do not share API keys with any third party.
  • Not everyone at HyperTrader has access to the encrypted database that stores the API keys.

IP Addresses

  • We collect IP addresses during authentication to maintain an audit trail for security purposes.
  • We also use IP addresses for MFA purposes.
  • IP addresses are not shared with any third party.

System default language

  • We collect users’ default language settings in the operating system. This helps our customer support software to automatically use AI translators for a smoother customer support experience in customers’ native language.
  • Language information is shared with a third-party customer support software provider that is also GDPR compliant.

Diagnostic data we collect and how we process or share

We collect the following data when automatically sending crash reports and debug information from the app to a third-party GDPR-compliant provider.

Users have full control to allow or deny the automatic collection of the diagnostic data.

Diagnostic data is always anonymous.

  • List of features that caused the issue
  • App version
  • Device type
  • Device family
  • OS name
  • OS version
  • CPU usage
  • Process memory info
  • System memory info
  • Blink memory info
  • Heap statistics

The above data points are automatically collected when you report a bug from the app.

Usage data we collect and how we process or share

Users have full control to allow or deny the automatic collection of the usage data.

Usage data is always anonymous.

We collect usage data to understand user behavior and interactions with the app. It helps us make decisions for improving user experience and making new feature decisions at times.

We may collect the following information, which is completely anonymous –

  • User flow from one screen to another
  • User interactions with features and various preferences and settings.

We share this anonymous usage information with a third-party analytics provider that is GDPR compliant.