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Why HyperTrader Alternatives?

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Alternatives Anyway!

We want to help you make an informed choice and so let’s dive into some alternatives.


Oh! They have a fancy website. We love their website so much. Good job on that 🙌🏼

Bitsgap is a good alternative if you want to automate your trades. But then it stops there. With a fancy website, and a good marketing language, it still remains to be seen how effective the platform is. Anyway, it may cost you $130/mo and still have limitations on how many bots you can run. 3Commas looks cheaper than Bitsgap, although we think Bitsgap has a better automation platform than 3Commas.

If you want to make manual trades and are either a day trader or a swing trader, you should try HyperTrader to see the difference. If you are a scalper, then there is no looking beyond HyperTrader.


3Commas is a good alternative if you are primarily looking for bots. HyperTrader started as a day trading app, so automation was not the focus. As we progressed in building HyperTrader, we realized that it has to be a mix of manual and automated trading experiences.

HyperTrader is now building automation tools that help you seamlessly grab opportunities and manage your risk. We start ed with smart orders, which are available already. We are also building DCA and Grid bots.

3Commas can cost you up to $100/mo, while HyperTrader is free.

If you are looking for purely bot trading, 3Commas remains a good alternative to HyperTrade. But if you day trade, the experience is horrible. 3Commas is a badly designed interface that makes you an inefficient trader.

3Commas is only available in a browser which makes it super slow. On the other hand, HyperTrader is a powerful native desktop trading terminal for macOS, Windows & Linux. HyperTrader is also available on a browser, and we are now building a mobile app.


Altrady is the closest looking app to HyperTrader but was primarily developed as a web app. They somehow wrapped their web app into looking like a desktop app. It is super slow and unintuitive to use. It can’t even be classified as a trading terminal.

Altrady looks like a platform designed and developed without considering its users. They have put together features that help them write good marketing copy. UX is so confusing that it hurts. And they charge you €79.95/mo for their premium plan. Most of their premium features are available for free on HyperTrader.

All we can say is to try HyperTrader first before you download Altrady. This will help you understand why we say what we said above.

Does Altrady update prices and orders in real-time? 🤔


We will wait for them to figure out their business first (someday maybe). They have no clue what they want to offer to you. Every 6 months, they have a different offering. Now suddenly they have become an exchange. 🤣

Anyway, Quadency offers a bunch of bots that don’t work (Check their telegram). Their interface is not designed for day trading. It is so slow that you might know about the latest Bitcoin prices a day later.


What’s Coinigy? Isn’t it dead? ☠️

Well, there are many good options listed on this page. There is no need even to figure out anything about Coinigy.

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