Money Flow Index

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When trading crypto assets, it is crucial to recognize market conditions. Crypto traders will use several technical analysis tools at the same time to better understand market conditions. This blog will discuss two technical indicators, the Money Flow Index, which helps crypto traders make better trading decisions in markets like BTC & ETH.

What is Money Flow Index?

The Money Flow Index measures drive for a crypto asset by determining the inflow and discharge of capital into a crypto asset over time. MFI indicator is compatible with the volume-weighted RSI as it combines volume and follows the RSI concerning its analytical formula and the definite association as a momentum oscillator. 

The MFI is graded on a zero to one hundred scales. MFI’s standard-setting is introduced to fourteen periods and is ordinarily utilized in the daily chart, which is the most used time interval among traders. Crypto traders who apply trade volume in their interpretation usually watch for divergences between volume and asset value. Suppose the size is trending in one direction while the price is trending in the reverse direction. In that case, it could be a leading indicator of an imminent reversal in the course of that particular crypto asset. 

Money Flow Index
Money Flow Index on HyperTrader

Considering that the MFI combines trade volume data, traders may associate the divergence among the indicator and asset value direction. When traders use the Money Flow Index, they usually notice green and red straight lines on the chart. The green line transpires at eighty, while the red line happens at twenty. It is thought that when the money flow index goes above eighty, the crypto asset is in an overbought state. Simultaneously, when the indicator is below twenty, it indicates that the crypto asset is in an oversold condition. 

The Money Flow Index should nevertheless be practiced on its own as a trade signaling tool. It would be utilized in combination with other trading indicators of analysis to do wholly familiarized trading judgments.

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