New Feature Announcement: Introducing New Trading Experience

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We told you it was coming, and now it has arrived! Introducing our redesigned order-form which enhances user’s trading experience while increasing quick order entry!

Our team at HyperLinq has built and redesigned the order entry form for Binance Futures trading to increase efficiency for order submission. The new order entry form will give traders a more favorable view and a much-improved order entry flow.

We’ve gathered the feedback from our users and are pleased to launch this new order entry design for Binance Futures on our native desktop application HyperTrader.

Order entry form

The new order-entry form will now have the Buy/Long and Sell/Short directions on the same display. Now there is no need to switch between directions, which will save time for traders when it comes to order submission.

Key Things to Keep in Mind

  • The new “Buy/Long” & “Sell/Short” buttons will now act as the new directional submission button.
  • Order Draft Marker will remain in a neutral color (amber) till the correct submission direction is selected.
  • After submission, order markers will be associated with the correct color scheme based on the submitted direction.

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New warning dialogue

Along with the new order entry form redesign, we have implemented a new warning dialogue that only appears when a trader has placed a limit order that is either being sold below market price or being bought above-market price. This is across all supported exchanges on HyperTrader for Limit orders only.

Note: This is a mandatory warning box as this will prevent a trader from fat fingering.

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