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Additional plugins can be purchased from the marketplace.

The HyperTrader team and third-party developers provide these plugins.

Tools that make you a better trader

Take your trading to the next level with advanced tools & order types

Smart Orders

Set multiple take-profits and a stop-loss when placing an order.

Ladder Orders

Place orders in bulk at multiple price levels with one click.

Trade from Charts

Right click on chart and buy. Need a new price, drag it up or down.


View multiple markets at the same time at different time intervals.

Trade Analytics

Analyze your historical trades to see which strategy worked.

Price Alerts

No more missed opportunities. Right click on the chart to set an alert.


Connect to 19 different exchanges at the same time.

Real-time Market Data

Low latency streaming data to keep a close eye on the markets.

Track Unlimited Accounts

Connect multiple accounts and sub-accounts across exchanges.

And more, only on HyperTrader