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We have a global presence and a huge percentage of users are non-English speaking. We support traders speaking 50+ languages. We have an ambitious plan to localize the app to make it accessible to non-English speaking traders.

Volume Alerts

Currently, we only support price alerts. We plan to introduce volume based alerts soon.


End-to-end integration with Bitmex – on hold for now.

Grid Trading

There is a huge demand for grid trading and we are already researching how best to provide this feature.


End-to-end integration with OkCoin


End-to-end integration with OkCoin


End-to-end integration with Gate.io

Mobile App

The desktop app is great for serious trading but sometimes you should be able to walk around and still be able to control your orders.

Trailing Stop Orders

Many traders have asked for this feature so it remains a high priority. We will work on trailing stop orders for both spot and derivatives exchanges.

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In Research

Conditional Orders

We are researching the possibility of conditional orders which can be executed without blocking account balance.

Binance Futures Coin

We have started researching Binance Futures Coin integration. We expect it to be available in Q2 2021

Multi-screen setup

We have started researching on how to support multi-screen setups. This will allow users to run the app on multiple screens at the same time.

In Development


We have started working on Bitpanda integration. We expect it to be available in Q3 2021

Mobile Alerts

It will be cool to receive price alerts and other types of alerts via text, telegram, or a mobile app.

Reporting for Binance Futures

Currently, PnL analysis and other reporting features are only available for spot exchanges. With this change, these features will be available for all derivatives exchanges.

In Testing


We have started working on FTX integration. We expect it to be available in Q2 2021


We have started working on Kraken integration. We expect it to be available in Q2 2021

Performance Boost

A number of small improvements that will reduce CPU, memory, and bandwidth usage. 

8-way Multi Charts

Currently, HyperTrader has support for 4-way splits. This change will enable traders to have 8 splits with 21 different layout configurations.

New Chart Types

4 new chart types are being developed.

– Renko Charts
– Kagi Charts
– Point and Figure Charts
– Line Break Charts



Bybit integration is available now with charting and trading.

Binance Futures

Binance Futures integration is available now with charting and trading.

QoL Improvements

Many quality-of-life improvements to the order entry form to make it more efficient for traders to execute orders quickly.

PnL Analysis for Spot Exchanges

Now traders can analyze their trade history to see patterns to get deeper insights into their trading activities.

This is still a work in progress and will continue to be as we will roll out more analytics.

Next step will be to provide these reporting features to derivatives exchanges too.


Trading From Charts

Visual trading was one of the highest priorities for us. It improves experience and efficiency. Now traders can execute orders directly from the charts. Drag the live orders to update the price in a fraction of a second.

Trading Pair Quick Lookup

Click on the chart and startup typing to quickly lookup trading pairs and press enter to load up the data in seconds.


Filter, sort, search, load – quick way to scan the market.


Now traders can create a list of favorite coins. Filter, sort, search, and quickly load up on the charts.

Quick Switch Tabs

Automatic tabs on the top to quickly switch between trading pairs.

Multi Charts

Create up to 4 charts on one screen. Monitor orders and trades on all 4 charts simultaneously.

Auto Updates

App now automatically updates open restart.

Market Screener

Screen markets and find out how a coin is performing. Historical context for prices, market cap, supply, and much more.


HyperTrader now supports dark and light themes.

Multi Factor Authentication

Security is of utmost importance to us. For that reason, we have passwordless authentication and now with the multi-factor it will secure the user accounts even more.

GDPR Compliance

We keep user privacy at the forefront. We follow GDPR guidelines to protect privacy.


Now traders can connect to Kucoin via API and use all the features of HyperTrader to improve their trading on KuCoin.

Ladder LImit Orders

No more adding orders one at a time. Execute bulk orders are different price points in a matter of seconds – all directly from the charts.

Chart Layouts

Now traders can save an unlimited number of chart layouts which will store customization and drawings.

OCO Orders on Binance

Support for OCO orders on Binance. Currently only supported for Binance. We do have plans to implement it for other exchanges too.


System notifications for important actions and events. Custom sounds for event categories. Ability to disable notification for all or some exchange accounts.

Stop Limit Orders

Ability to set up Stop Limit orders from the charts. Drag to update the price of the stop or the limit.

Market Orders

Ability to create market orders quickly from the charts.

Multi Accounts

Support for multi accounts on the same exchange.


Full end-to-end integration for Binance.

News Aggregation

Get all your crypto news in one place. Sorted by category, no more surfing web to find the right news at the right time.

Ability to Delete Account

Respecting user privacy, we now provide an option to delete the account and all related data from our servers.

Ability to Change Email

User can now change their login email. Subscriptions are automatically transferred to the new email.

Chart Snapshots

Traders can now take chart snapshots and share via a weblink.

Coinbase Pro & Prime

Now more bad experience trading on Coinbase Pro or Prime. Traders can now use HyperTrader to become more efficient while trading crypto on Coinbase Pro & Prime.

Breakeven Indicator

With every trader, HyperTraders will be able to see a real-time breakeven indicator on the charts. It includes fees for all the trades and also breakeven trade. Traders can set a date range to include or exclude the trades – all right from the charts.

Custom URI Scheme

Third-party app developers can invoke HyperTrader using custom URI schemes. A bunch of market scanners is already doing it. 

Price Alerts

Create, update, cancel price alerts right from the charts.

Open Order Markers

All open orders are now shown on the charts. Click and drag to update prices live or cancel right from the charts.

Limit Orders

Ability to create limits orders quickly right from the charts.

Binance JE

Full end-to-end integration for Binance JE.

Binance US

Full end-to-end integration for Binance US.

Portfolio Tracking

Now traders can track multiple accounts on the same or different exchanges – all in one place. See your balance and portfolio performance along with asset distribution.