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HyperTrader is secure

Connect your exchange accounts securely and trade with confidence.

Security – front & center

At HyperTrader, we take security very seriously

Execute Trades Faster Than Ever

No Passwords

HyperTrader is a password-less system. Passwords are the first point of attack. Users tend to duplicate passwords across multiple platforms which poses a security risk.

Two Factor Authentication

HyperTrader mandates 2FA, which enables you to be in control of your account at all times. Combined with password-less, you get the most secure account.

Organize Your Portfolio Smarter
Analyze Markets Better

Encrypted In-transit

Any data going in or out from HyperTrader is highly encrypted with private keys. It is almost impossible to do a man-in-the-middle attack. This keeps your data secure in transit.

Encrypted At-rest

All your data on our server is kept inside a private network giving no access to anyone other than you. All data at rest are highly encrypted to make sure there is no data leak.

Organize Your Portfolio Smarter
Analyze Markets Better

Privacy First

At HyperTrader, we pride ourselves to be champions of privacy. We do not sell your data. With HyperTrader, you are confident that your data is safe and private.

Keep your account secure

Trade with confidence that your data is secure & private

Always Set 2FA

2FA protects your account from any malicious actors.

Never Share API keys

Use separate API keys for different apps and services.

No Withdrawal Permissions

The only permissions you need to assign to APIs are view and trade.

Remember to Logout

Personal or shared computer, always log out to keep your account secure.

Check for Malware

Keep your computer clean by using anti-virus and anti-malware

Report Malicious Behavior

When you see something is wrong with your account, talk to support!

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